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Skyward Inc restaurant interior

Skyward INC Architects

Girish Padhye, Senior Director and Design Partner Sehool Kapashi

Skyward INC. Architects is a multi-faceted Design Studio, with the industry experience of over a decade, spearheaded by design duo team of Girish Padhye, Senior Director and Design Partner Sehool Kapashi, and not to forget supported by a like minded and a young energetic Team.

Skyward INC.’s portfolio ranges from various design spectrums; be it Hospitality to Homes or Commercial to Civic.

They say
Architecture is the only Domain wherein you create the invisible; where your thoughts are Born, Nurtured and put into Life. It’s the greatest of feelings to see your Imagination manifest. It’s an Inspiration in itself. Every new project is a journey in itself awaiting to happen, every time the path is different every time it’s a new discovery every single time is a new learning experience to enrich.

They believe
Skyward INC. follows a very simple Design Philosophy. They say, a Design is an amalgam of something Beautiful, something Rare and something Usable.

residence interior

It’s all about Proportion and Balance. They strongly believe in the Idea of “Less is more”. Less….so that you can focus on what really needs the attention. “A Design should itself start a conversation, before people actually start exchanging words.” It should leave us flabbergasted and in awe.


Designing should be Fun, We all got into this profession because of our love for Designing and Building. But sometimes not all of our work could be fun; then approaching towards it creatively and with an open mind to working smarter not harder can yield better results and more satisfaction.

Residential Interior

 We display some of their exclusive designs:


1] Bungalow Architecture:



2] Restaurant Interiors:

china village1

china village

3] Greecian Upcycled Residence:

upcycled residence

upcycled residence1

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Tel: 02228411441 / 02242642885

E-Mail: [email protected]

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