Spanish Style Decor


If you wish to give your home that Mediterranean feel, then using the concept of Spanish style decor  in your home is a good idea. This design style is rather simple and gives a wonderfully warm feel. You will always quite find a rustic look and feel to Spanish interiors and therefore it creates a homely and hearty atmosphere. Spain and her islands are culturally extremely rich and traditional Spanish homes function mainly around the family. The best way to understand Spanish interiors is to have a look at the great Spanish artwork and flamenco dance and get inspired from them. How crisp and sharp are those dances, a pure pleasure to look at. A lot of other things could inspire you as well from Spain.
Speaking of Spanish style Décor; rough edges, exposed stonework, terracotta tiles and nothing too perfect, precisely define Spanish Decors. A typical old style Spanish décor would include hand-carved fireplace, a wrought iron oversized chandelier and a lot more. Arches, corbels, ceiling beams and other stone elements bring Spanish come alive and adding a tinch of gold to it would add the luxurious elegance.



You can use lots of vibrant colours to achieve the perfect look for this style. You can also keep the palette neutral pertaining to the kind of feel you wish to have. The rustic and neutral colours include; white, beige, tan, terracotta, caramel and soft amber. Vibrant colours include yellow, pink, blue and our favourite orange. Whichever palette you use make sure the space looks comfortable and inviting



Spanish Décor is all about that Terracotta tile. This tiling will help you achieve an authentic Spanish feel. Wooden floors can also be used incase you cannot do those tiles. Woven rugs or vibrant coloured rugs will add that touch of glamour to your space. The handmade tiles, a typical Spain character have great colours but two tiles can never be identical which adds lots of character to the space.



Wrought iron furniture, chairs, tables and shelving work perfectly with this design style. The overall look is simple so try not to have too many items. Keep your space functional. You can also select an interesting piece of wall art made of metalwork. You can also use original paintings of Spanish landscapes. Incorporate lots of solid, mid toned and dark wooden furniture.



Absolutely no wallpapers should be used for this concept. Textured walls work best for this concept. Your walls could be plaster skimmed with a white wash paint finish. To achieve the typical Spanish plaster wall look, mix a polymer with a cement based plaster. You can also create an amazing focal point.



Wrought iron chandelier being a Spanish favourite would look fabulous if used correctly in your home. Wrought iron lanterns, sconces and candlesticks will also add well to the look.


The picture below is a typical example of blending old with new. It is a Spanish-Colonial inspired living room and dining room. In the living room, furniture pieces bring the newer elements into the space. Wooden ceiling beams and wrought-iron details truly represent the materials used during that time period. The doorway arches were the only ornamentation in this style. The red-wine sofa and oversized tapestry of a Spanish style courtyard giving a stunning appearance to the space. Speaking of the dining room image, the ceiling was turned into an art canvas with a painting representing a formal garden. The beams are used as a decorating element in the room. The wrought-iron chandelier is imported from Spain and is more than 100 years old. The rich hue in the draperies is implemented in the dining chair upholstery and ceiling artwork giving the space a regal look.

spanish room


Image Courtesy Pinterest & Google

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