Student Sumit Donga- Corporate Office


As interior designers probably the toughest yet the best days of our life were the Student Days. During this phase we are allowed to explore our wildest sides of imagination yet taught so much about the functionality of designs. We engage in the most random of concepts without really working on the functionality aspects because we always know we have our teachers to correct us.
Having been students ourselves we hereby bring to you work directly loaded from a Student’s Mind. Oh, yes that mind which can do such wonders.


SUMIT DONGA, 21, a student of Rachna Sansad School of Interior Design is a quite boy who always believes his work speaks for him and trust me it so does. He tells us that it was the second year of his course when they had shifted from mere drafting to Autocad and 3D softwares. Not already the best at the new softwares he decided to give it his best shot for the Corporate Office Project.


The plan consists of workstations, conference room, CEO’s cabin, reception area, meeting rooms for 4&6, washrooms, pantry, cafeteria, server room, UPS room and electrical room.


After days of research he chose to take up a Builder’s Office naming it SOHAM DEVELOPERS LIMITED with the concept FLUIDITY.
Sumit Donga explained fluidity as a continuous amorphous substance whose molecules move freely past one another and has the tendency to assume the shape of its container, liquid or gas.


He believes fluidity concept serves a dual purpose. The success of the concept lies in its Simplicity. We therefore bring to you images of the work done by him in his student phase of life. Being the humble person that he is he believes there is always a lot of scope for him to improve. But considering his age and the fact that he’s only a student yet we give a major Thumbs Up to his design.

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