Portside Café- For The Love Of Leather

portside cafe

Blogger Priyal Sood takes us through an amazing visit of the Portside Café store in Bangalore, showing us some of their most amazingly designed leather products, furniture and accessories. Since its inception in 2007, by interior designer Bobby Aggarwal, Portside Café has created a luxurious collection of over 400 uniquely…

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How To Style Your Console Table

A Console Table is the most useful piece of furniture in your home, it adds both storage and style to your space. It can be used behind your sofa to place or lamp, in your hallway for your keys, in that extra spot in the dinning for extra serving dishes…

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Trend Alert- Shibori Style Home Decor

Shibori Style

This season SHIBORI is the new hot trend in design, creating versatile looks with both light and dark interior palettes. Shibori is a Japanese fabric dying technique wherein the fabric is bound, stitched, folded, twisted or compressed and dipped in dye creating a tie-dye appearance. Thus some areas are penetrated…

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