Interiors That Help You Rejuvenate This Monsoon

Shakti 360 Leti

What better way to sip a cup of chai while viewing some of the best scenery of India. We bring to you some of the best glasshouse interiors you cannot miss this monsoon. PRIMROSE VILLA Primrose Villas takes “room with a view” to another level. With three sides of floor-to-ceiling…

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How To Style Your Console Table

A Console Table is the most useful piece of furniture in your home, it adds both storage and style to your space. It can be used behind your sofa to place or lamp, in your hallway for your keys, in that extra spot in the dinning for extra serving dishes…

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Trend Alert- Shibori Style Home Decor

Shibori Style

This season SHIBORI is the new hot trend in design, creating versatile looks with both light and dark interior palettes. Shibori is a Japanese fabric dying technique wherein the fabric is bound, stitched, folded, twisted or compressed and dipped in dye creating a tie-dye appearance. Thus some areas are penetrated…

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Perfect Lounge Chair Designs For Your Home

grey lounge chair

A LOUNGE area not only offers a plush seating but also offers plenty of room for good friends and memorable conversations. What we look for in a lounge chair is looks and of course comfort. A chair that’s not comfortable isn’t really a chair, it’s just something to display in your…

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Interesting Work Space Ideas

working place

Our workplace is one space where we spend more than half of our day. Designing a workstation in the right manner is extremely crucial because the employees comfort, state of mind, productivity etc, can be affected if correct things are not kept in mind. There are various ways in which…

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Indian Style Decor

indian decor

The style and look of the Indian Interiors is a reflection of a huge exotic and diverse nation. The Indian culture is thousands of years old and extremely rich in culture and heritage. It is thus possible to introduce decorative elements into your space to keep it minimalistic, however Indian…

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Add Yellow To Your Homes

Is yellow your favorite colour? Don’t know? Have you ever thought of trying yellow interior in your home? After reading our tips on “how to add yellow to your homes”, you are definitely going to fall in love with this colour. The easiest way to jazz up your home is…

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Tips To Add Purple In Your Homes

dining room

Colour psychology is very important when your designing your space. Colour is a great way of creating connections between spaces and those people living in it. Today at H2Designo we speak to you about Purple in your homes. Purple is a combination of calm blue and exciting red. Purple is…

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