The New Facebook Office In Mumbai

office waiting

Facebook opens its first 22,000 sq ft office in Mumbai at BKC. Facebook’s Menlo Park office is the largest open office plan in the world and they have carried forward their open office culture in their Mumbai office as well with well designed micro cafeterias and breakout zones. Further the…

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Interesting Work Space Ideas

working place

Our workplace is one space where we spend more than half of our day. Designing a workstation in the right manner is extremely crucial because the employees comfort, state of mind, productivity etc, can be affected if correct things are not kept in mind. There are various ways in which…

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The Boss Is Always Right

The boss is always right and hence the Director’s Cabin is one place which should be most royal. This place is nothing but private, confidential, formal and at times the nest for the informal guests as well. It can be said that this place is but the reflection of the…

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