Taiwan’s Smog Eating Tower By Vincent Callebaut – Architecture For A Better Tomorrow

The smog-eating tower known as The Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower by Vincent Callebaut Architectures being constructed in Taipei, Taiwan, is said to open by September 2017.

vincent callebaut architecture

Callebaut describes Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, formerly known as “Agora Tower”, as an “inhabited tree.” The tower is a pioneer of sustainable residential eco-construction aiming at limiting the ecological footprint of its inhabitant.

agora tower facade

Neither a single tower or twin towers, the project is a 20 storey tower which arises towards the sky with two helicoidal towers gathering themselves around a central core.

The architectural concept is to eco-design an energy self-sufficient building, whose energy is electric, thermal and also alimentary. It integrates not only the recycling of organic waste and used water but also all the renewable energies and other new state-of-the-art nanotechnologies (BIPV solar photovoltaic, rain water recycling, compost, etc.).

view of teipei

The skyscraper’s façade, roof and balconies are filled with 23,000 tress and shrubs that will absorb 130 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year which is roughly the same amount of annual emissions produced by 27 average cars.

tower rooms

Apart from this magnificent  landscape other amenities would include a naturally ventilated and illuminated swimming pool and fitness center, high-speed elevators and glass-enclosed “sky garages.”

glass enclosed sky garages

Therefore, the project answers directly to 4 main ecologic objectives:

1. The reduction of the climatic global warming.
2. The protection of the nature and the biodiversity.
3. The protection of the environment and the quality of life.
4. The management of the natural resources and waste.

tower's hallway

This tower constructed by Vincent Callebaut Architectures can meet the Chinese antique thought which always refused to separate the nature and the humanity that nourishes itself from it; the body from the spirit that did not exist without it.

eco friendly room interior

This tower reveals strongly and surely the challenge of reinventing a new lifestyle for residential tower, that is self-sufficient and sculpturally unprecedented.

Source: Business Insider   ||  Vincent Callebaut Architectures

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