That First Impression


So why is it important to create a first impression!? Because it takes nearly three seconds for someone to form an opinion about anything. It is thus very crucial for you to strike a rather enduring influence at the first sight.


When one enters your office space or maybe the hotel the first thing they tend to notice is the reception desk or the waiting area. Make sure you have a rather striking reception area. Today we give you interesting ideas on how to do it right.

Keep It Simple

First Impression

Well, just because you want to create a first impression do not make the mistake of over-doing the space. Keep it simple and crisp yet elegant and grand. Make sure your reception area is rather inviting and not a quick put-off. Something simple and classy has never gone wrong.

Make It Attractive & Inquisitive


Let your reception space be a slight reflection of what goes around inside the office space or the hotel. It should be attractive enough to create the inquisitiveness of whats going on on the inside. Make sure that your accessories match with the overall look of the space. Your paintings, the telephone, the desktop for that matter should not create disharmony when added to the reception desk so when you begin select it all together and do not go the other way round.

Lasting Impact

Skype & Unilever

Add a sophisticated look and highlight your company Logo through Spotlighting. You can also have branding manifestations on partitioning and doors. Make sure you have a television placed to give some entertainment to your guests waiting for you. Branded sweets along with good service will create a rather lasting impression about your company.



Ergonomics is the scientific discipline concerned with the understanding of interactions among humans and other elements. Make sure that you just do not end up having a fancy design but the science of the design is in harmony to your people and environment.



A huge welcoming smile at the reception is a mandatory. Within milliseconds of entering your office or hotel, potential clients or guests makeup their minds about your company. So always remember that you must convey the success and professionalism of your business right at your entryway. Courtesy does this best!


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