The 2015 Trends We Love The Most

H2Designo gives you the latest 2015 trends we loved the most in interior designing. These are some trends that will never go out of fashion and make it to our list of favourites.



Adding a tinch of warm metals can add so much more glamour to just a usual room. A lot of designers shy away from using the warm metals but we think it is worth the plunge. Everywhere you look metals are a hot trend. From the warm gold, brass and copper accents to the uber cool nickel, chrome and stainless steel applications there is no doubting that metals are here to so stay.



As a fact many people are afraid to use this colour in their homes because it can be an extremely cold colour, but if the colour is applied properly blue makes an extraordinary colour to use for your interior decorating. A great palette of blue colours from Navy Blue to a subtle pastel shade of Bluebell White, all of this can do wonders with your interiors. You can use the blues not only on your walls but you can use them in your accessories like pillow covers, curtains, carpets etc.



The correct shade of pink can give your homes an elegant touch. Soft naturals, pale pinks and flesh coloured tones are apt for a sophisticated yet fresh interiors. You can revive your cold grey walls with soft pink curtains paired with a few pink tone accessories. Do not over do the pinks or the accesorising. Mix pink shades with charcoal furniture. To create that comfortable space you can choose a peachy pink wall colour, natural woods and white accents along with a fluffy rug.



Pale grey shades of wood are becoming more and more popular in 2015. You could either have a pile of pale wood coffee tables in your living room or you could cover the ceiling with very pale wood boards to get the beach house feel. You can also place artsy driftwood branches in a big vase to keep it some sort of focal point. You can also choose dark driftwood boards and cover your walls and ceilings to give an amazing feel.



Rustic Style can be incorporated into interiors in many manners without overdoing it. Rustic table is a trend of the year 2015. The rustic table can be paired with contemporary chairs inorder too highlight the qualities of two completely different things which seem to be going together. You can also use fur to give it a completely different aura. Rustic if used in the correct manner and perfect tone can look quite gorgeous.



When you draw a dark black line around your window, they act as a photo frame and immediately draw attention to the scenario outside the home. Whatever beauty you have on the outside of the window will be highlighted for sure! Many of us think that black window trimps will create a gloomy and moody atmosphere, but it can draft a clean contour in your home if applied correctly. Your wall colours definitely need to be in the lighter spectrum of the palette to let the dark trims do their Magic.

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