The Center Attraction For Your Living Room

Today at H2Designo we give you designs of some amazing coffee tables that can help you flaunt your style and make a statement.

armand jonckers

A masterpiece designed by Armand Jonckers in 1979! It is a unique low table with engraved and acid-etched brass. It has a diameter of 59.5” and 12.5” height. You definitely cannot go wrong with this!

florence deau

Designed by French based interior designer Florence Deau. We love the way the golden to brown shading and texture goes. It will surely attract all the eyes.

marie-claude de fouquieres1

In 1969, Marie Claude could not find a coffee table that pleased her, hence she created one for herself. The top of the table is made in polyester and resin with brass shavings inclusions. She also creates tables of all sizes on demand and also lamps, panels and even entire bathrooms.


The Adelphi Nesting Table Set designed by Designer Marcelo Ligieri, Modloft. He says that he gets inspired by everything from nature, to cars to architecture. He is extremely fond of modern designs hence the center table was designed to make an enjoyable and long lasting impression. The table features an exotic wood trim around the lacquered top, all supported by carbon steel frame.

petalas by jorge zalszupinThe Petalas by Jorge Zalszupin was originally designed in the 1960s and was inspired by the folded paper structures of origami. It was actually created by the leftover pieces from another Zalszupin table. Its curved wood making makes for a minimal and striking design. Zalszupin’s furniture designs are characterized by both organic shapes and geometric lines combined well with proportion and classical detailing making the pieces so timeless.

master craft

The Brass Master Craft Coffee Table has a wide rimmed brass frame with an amber glass beveled mirror top. It has a 44” diameter and 15.5” height. This piece is a beauty of a kind. Place it anywhere and it will surely light up your room like magic.

paul mathieu

This sleek Coffee Table is designed by Paul Mathieu. It is simple and sets a style statement of its own. It is not too bulky hence can be easily placed anywhere in your homes. Quite a piece we say!

grey furniture

How amazing do the golden legs of this table look!? Could it get any more crisp and elegant with a simple piece of glass being placed on it. It has this dashing personality with the correct soberity. I definitely want to be taking that home!! What about you!?

Image Courtesy Pinterest & Google

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