The Entrance & Lobby Area


Get ready to renovate your homes with H2Designo. Our series of GUIDE TO HOME DÉCOR (STEP BY STEP) is here to help you renovate your home Room By Room. So we get to you our very first target, THE LOBBY AREA!! We first talk about Lobby entrance because let us not forget FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION. It is also the last place one sees before leaving so let them have that design and feel for long. It clearly leaves the guests wanting for more. It is extremely challenging to design this space because most of the times this space is overlooked by the clients. As difficult it is to design this space, there is also a lot of scope to experiment in this space. For example you can turn this space at your entrance into an attractive display of wall paintings, beautiful gallery of framed artworks, antique consoles and interesting sculptures.

• You can also place an amazing table with a lamp and add no ceiling light to it to give a dim and warm look to the area. Fragrance candles and other hanging lights or decorative lamps can create an astonishing look.
• If your lobby is not very wide you can give that console table a miss. Use big art pieces on the floor with elegant floor lamp highlighting the art to not miss out on the interesting lobby look.


• To make the lobby look stylish and welcoming you can also add an attractive wallpaper to the lobby walls. Make your guests say a WOW immediately on entering your home.
• Adding a carpet or rug can add to the feel and give it a more complete look. You can also have a printed pattern or inlay carpet tile flooring in case you wish to avoid fabric carpets.


• Lastly do not forget that your lobby does not always have to be a very decorative one. Sometimes keeping it modern and basic could also create that charm.


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