The Kids Bedroom


At H2Designo we have been guiding you on how to decorate every tinch of space in your home Step By Step and Room by Room. Today we continue with that series and are going to talk about the Kids Bedroom area. A kid’s bedroom can be a challenging space to design considering the pace at which kids are growing up today. Kids are so aware about everything today and it is very important to be able to conveniently fit in all their wants and demands in a single room.

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There are a lot of fun and innovative ways to store all the next best technological gadgets that your kids demand. It is important to have a perfect balance of practicality and creativity that easily appeals to parents and children. It is not necessary to always have a super playful room. A lot of people do not prefer the typical child-like room.

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So we are going to show you all the various different manners in which a kids room can be designed. So the room should aim at having a lot of natural lighting, should use playful patterns and sophisticated design elements. A kids bedroom should not only be kid friendly but also stylish, trendy and gorgeous.

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• Do not only keep adding all sort of colours to the rooms. Keep it a little neutral since a lot of colour is added in their rooms through their toys.
• Add colours smartly through wardrobes and study table innovative ideas.

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• Simplicity with a punch of character can be achieved through wall art in the room. Take your child’s favourite cartoon character and wall it up.
• Also add an element of something your child loves to do. For example if he loves astronomical things have a telescope, have a huge drawing pad etc. This will not only keep them productively engaged but also make their room look so much better.

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