The Lego Inspired Kids Bedroom

lego kids bedroom

Lego is one of the most popular and best selling toys of all times. It is undeniably a household name all over the world. It is immense fun for children and is also fun for adults of all ages. Lego has a wooping history dating back over 80 years. So many children have a clear obsession with Lego and anything and everything relating to Lego makes them happy, even a Lego Decor.


How about treating them with a Lego inspired room. It would be like a dream come true for them. A lego inspire room could have almost everything inspired from the game or partially inspired from it. And yes do not forget to give them that extra shelf to store their masterpieces in there.


When we say Lego inspired the entire room need not be symbolized by the same. If you are aiming at a more long term decor then adding tinches of Lego inspiration here and there would also be very helpful. The bed in the picture above is quite simple yet the drawers are Lego inspired in shape and colour. This is not only a wise way of adding storage for the room but also not drifting from your theme.

big boy room

So if you have a little big boy and you want to go for a less kiddish room you can take inspiration from the above picture. Simple and classy yet loudly speaking of the love for Lego. Too many colours have not been used here most of the inspiration is the Red. Blue, yellow and green are simply used as paper holders. We quite like the way its done.


Lego never got better! We love the Lego pillows. They add the needed colour to the space without overdoing it and living up to the Lego theme. The wall is also so well done with the minifigs straight from the Lego world. They too seem to be at work and constantly remind you of getting back to build your Lego masterpiece. The console created with the Lego panels is extremely eye-catching. It is simple yet looks so perfect to be kept anywhere in your home. We hope you have not missed the Lego Clock placed on the console. It is these details that add so much meaning to everything you create.


Doubting if you could pull-off any entire Lego inspired room in your home!? How about you start with something smaller!? Try making your kids storage boxes and drawers inspired by the Lego blocks. This way you are making sure that you do not overdo the Lego theme and it is something which an be altered in the near future.


You can opt for something as simple as a Lego wall. Go ahead with your favourite block colour and paint that dull wall the Lego Way! The wardrobe shutters add the much needed beauty and merge with the complete look of the space. We give a Thumbs Up to this.


Playful, contemporary and yet so Lego! Just like Lego allows you to go crazy with your imagination and construct anything that pleases you with your set of Lego blocks, the same applies for the Lego Decor. You can keep it as simple as you want or can go as bold as you wish. So let loose and Get Lego inspired, your way!

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