The Master Bathroom


The best place to create that atmosphere of personal indulgence is in your Master Bathrooms. You must always consider adding luxury to make it a customized retreat. Function, style and budget are three things you must always keep in your mind while designing your bathrooms. Colours can be incorporated into your bathroom to add that much needed drama in the space. Your bathroom is somewhere you give complete time to yourself. Make sure it makes you feel fresh and relaxed once you are out of there. Following are few of the things you must keep in your mind while designing your master bathroom.



First first choose the look you want for your Master Bathroom. Some people like it simple, some want it glamours. Make a list of all the items you want in the bathroom and would not prefer to give a quit on. Make sure that the tiling you select goes with the rest of the wall colours and the other sanitary ware. Not everybody prefers a white for their basins. Also there is huge availability of different styles and designs of washbasins and water closets. Make your choice wisely.



This is indeed the most important aspect to work upon while designing your master bathroom. A mistake in this would me an improper or rather not the most perfect bathroom layout.


SHOWER/TUB: Nowadays people prefer showers instead of the once popular bath tubs. Tubs require too much space and considering the times today not all bathrooms have the room for a bath tub. Also people do not have as much time to spend time in the tubs. Instead people are choosing custom showers which include overhead showers, wall-mounted showers, rain showers, steam showers and a lot more.

SINK: Choose your sink as per the amount of space in your master bathroom. People prefer more counter space and mirror space than giving large amount of space to larger sinks. Also nowadays we have wall-mounted sinks and pedestal sinks as well. The lesser the plumbing issues the more budget friendly and easy it is to work upon the sink.


TECHNICALS: Make sure that your flooring is the anti-skid type. Slipping in your bathroom is the last thing on your mind. There should be proper ventilation. What is the point of designing a luxurious bathroom when it is always foggy!? Thus ventilation is extremely important for a bathroom. Plumbing should be done in the most crisp manner. It should be shabby and must not spoil the look of your bathroom. Also the plumbing should not be done with cheap pipelines to cut on the temporary cost. It will cost you too much later. Invest the best in your plumbings. Make sure your bathroom accommodates people of all ages.


materialsYou can play in this aspect as much as you feel like. Materials in todays world have no limitation. To some it might mean splurging on countertops made of expensive granite while the others might want the best from top to bottom. It all depends on how you feel to use those materials in your bathroom.



Keep It Luxurious!! Hang that extravagant chandelier, Put that extraordinary mirror frame and keep that highlight wall too. These details make the master bathroom complete. Televisions and sound systems have become common too in the master bathrooms, but that completely depends on if you wish to have it there. Put the other necessary accessories like shelves, grab bars, towel holders etc in the manner that they merge with the rest of your bathroom.

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