The Perfect Wine Cellars For Homes

wine cellar

OENOPHILIA is a Greek word which means “for the love” (philia) “of wine” (oinos).In a rather more serious manner oenophilia describes devotion to wine, accompanying strict traditions and great appreciation. In laymen language it simply refers to the enjoyment of wine. Oenophiles people are also known as wine connoisseurs. They are people who appreciate and collect wine especially grape wines from certain regions or certain manufactures. Oenophiles could be either out of hobby or profession or as wine tasters who grade wines for a living. So are you an Oenophile or a wine enthusiast and always needs to store the wine somewhere? Or is it a dream to become a serious wine collector? How about considering installing a wine cellar in your home?
A wine cellar is in normal sense a storage room for wine. A wine cellar is often called a wine room when built in the home or hotel while a small wine cellar with less than 500 bottles is termed as a Wine Closet. Here at H2Designo we are going to help you convert almost any room of yours in your home into a Wine Cellars.



This LED-lit acrylic wine storage features clear acrylic arches which not only act as the perfect wine storage but also as a beautiful lighting feature. This gothic wne cellar was created for a Nashville Tenn pool house by Jamie Beckwith. The temperature – control for 2000 wine bottles is set beneath the pool house’s living area. A glass flooring allows the cellar to be viewed from the above floor when the cellar is not lit up. A rectangle black shade covers the ceiling to keep unnecessary light out. Quite a beautiful piece we must say!



The above cellar is a clear example of classic touch to the wine cellar. Made of all heart redwood with a dusty finish. The second picture shows a rather simple yet very classical look to the entire cellar. Place them according to which works the best and compliments the overall look of your home/room.



The beauty of these designs lies in the certain simplicity that they hold. You could either keep it simple or jus play alittle with the curves. Let the calm be seen in the design. After all even wine is all about the pleasure you get from having it. The designs include wine case shelves, diamond bins and secured wine lockers for storing those valuable bottles.



We all know that is is very difficult to go wrong with the contemporary look for any room. Why not use it for the wine cellar too? Designed for maximum use of space for storage as well as displaying the owners love for wine. The wine racks could include a combination of bottle positions, including Label View, Presentation View and Standing View. Also space is provided for display of wine glasses, decanters and other tasting accessories. You can add as much as you wish to it.



Bring alive The Alice in Wonderland look for the wine cellar at your home. A full dining area around the wine cellar provides ample room for guests to sample from the owners loved collection. Give the room a sophisticated or rather rough finish depending on your choice but yes a dine in within the cellar is quite a wise decision.

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