The Powder Room


A powder room is a toilet in the private home intended mainly to be used by guests. Nothing can make a guest feel more welcomed and overwhelmed than a stylish and comfortable powder room. The trick in designing a powder room is to turn the challenges of small space into a great opportunity. Use the space to display your taste, use that hanging and beauty to look at light and an attractive mirror frame. Your little room could be a modern luxurious one or a low-key charm, anything that talks about what you like. In short make a Statement with that one room. Let your guests wonder, that if the powder room was so Wow what would the rest of the home be like!!! We thus guide you with a few tips on how to enhance that literal gem of a space.



A useful tip for the powder room flooring is to run the same flooring in the powder room as the hallway in order to create a natural flow. Hardwood floors are always popular. You can also use marble and granite, incase your hall has a marble flooring or you choose to create a separate impact with a different flooring. Basically there is no restriction on what flooring you can use in the powder room. Pick up what you like and bottom it up!!



Use bright or reflective materials for counter tops, not overly decorated. Make sure it is extremely sleek and does not occupy too much of your space. It should be durable because you are not going to decorate this space very often. If you do not need storage go for a pedestal wash basin. If you like a simple look keep it light, you can create impacts in other ways in the room.



Maximize every little square foot in the room. Use a pedestal wash basin or a wall mounted one. For storage consider using a petite vanity and not a very heavy one. Place the mirror in a manner that the room looks larger and more appealing. Incase you are going for a pedestal wash basin, decorative mirrored storage would be a good choice for that additional storage space.


blend it

Choose your faucets and other accessories wisely. Your wash basin and your mirror are an important asset to this room. Make sure everything you combine blends perfectly with the overall look of the room. Taking an antique mirror then make sure the rest of the room is designed in a manner that it complements the mirror and does not overshadow it. Basically all of it should blend with each other.



The mirror is going to play a major major role in your powder room. It is a powerful accessory that is either going to lift the look of your space or spoil it. Do not forget to add that perfect light above your mirror frame. An intense wall colour or ceiling can add intense drama to your room, add the perfect mirror and make the drama more appealing.


light for room

Lighting can contribute an overall fininshing effect to the already built powder room. Most important light in this room is above the mirror, the perfect accent lighting space. It is better to over-light the space than under-light it, you can always use dimmer switches. Under- cabinet lights can be used as nightlights or mood lightings when the powder room is not being used. It can also help guide your guests who are not too familiar with your home layout.


light it up

Keep it simple yet elegant, don’t over decorate this small room. Make sure you leave the countertops empty so your guests can keep their purses, keys etc on it. Choose your accessories wisely and think about providing that extra courtesy space for women to their bags like a small shelf or empty countertop. The powder room though small, makes a huge statement about you and your home. So take that thought and imagination and make a noise with your powder room design.

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