Tips To Add Purple In Your Homes

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Colour psychology is very important when your designing your space. Colour is a great way of creating connections between spaces and those people living in it. Today at H2Designo we speak to you about Purple in your homes.


Purple is a combination of calm blue and exciting red. Purple is known to be a colour of royalty, spirit, creativity, serenity and wealth. Purple can be dramatic or quiet depending on the tone or shade you choose.

dining room

Purple lends sophistication and class to the room and sets the perfect scene for the entire living space. It communicates class and confidence through independent expression. When shades of purple are more of red then blue the mood of the room sets more towards luxurious drama. Consider pairing rich purples with light browns to create the perfect pop effect.


The presence of purple in the kitchen tends to create a wealthy and lavish atmosphere especially when combined with shiny white countertops and ornate decorations like chandeliers or classy handles. The solid cabinet doors with the white borderings create a beautiful depth and add meaning to the space.

purple wall

The Feng-Shui design principle advises against using too much purple in a bedroom area because it is a colour with strong vibrations. The bedroom is anyways a place to wind down ones brain for the night, following the line of creativity and artful inspiration. This does not mean that you must not use purple at all in your bedrooms. Instead use tinches and hints of this colour can invite positive energy as per feng-shui principles.

living room

Use deep purple to create a rather stunning front entry. Light lavender walls can add softness and royalty to a formal living room. Those velvet sofas add the much needed drama and glamour to the room. You do not always need to use purple as a colour in itself, combine it with darker and lighter shades of brown and use those whites shamelessly. Purple in your home combined with soft blues and greens create a rather tranquil colour scheme.


More Ways Of Adding The purple in your home.

  • A dark and rich purple can provide an amazing backdrop for highlighting fine crystals and antique silvers.
  • The combination of raspberry with black can add much needed richness to the room.
  • Warm purples make a cozy dining and bedroom space.
  • Purple accessories brighten up and add depth to a neutral colour scheme.

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