Tips To Choose The Correct Carpet Everytime


Carpets can be a tricky business especially considering how expensive they can be. The right carpet can finish a space to perfection and the wrong one can make the space look awkward and unfinished. There are three main elements to consider while choosing the right carpet for your space and we brief you about them:



Colour is one key element to be considered while selecting the carpet for any given space. If you have a lot of colour and pattern already going on in your space, you might opt for a single colour rug, which complements your existing furnishing. If you are planning to keep it bold then usually a better option is to first select the rug and then add furniture and accessories that coordinate afterwards.


A carpet is one of the largest pieces of furniture in the room so do consider the tones in your flooring, walls and other finishes before finalizing the carpet. You do not have to necessarily play it safe, a boldly patterned or bright coloured carpet piece can lift the spirits of the room to the next level.



This is sometimes the most overlooked aspect when choosing a carpet or rug but this surely shouldn’t be the case. A room with a mixture of textures feels layered and rich and an easy way to get this correctly is by paying attention to the texture of your rug.


Let the finishes of your existing furniture guide you and aim at having some contrast. Keep in mind the particularities about cleaning the rug and also the safety hazards when when choosing the correct rug. A raised pile can be a tripping hazard so choose correctly.



Play along the rules when choosing your rug size. A carpet should fit the size of your seating area, not necessarily the entire room though. Ideally all the furniture should be on the rug, but the front legs are something you can compromise on. The idea is when you sit on the sofa; your feet should be on the fabric and not the floor. You can also refer to Guide To The Perfect Rug Size For Your Rooms


Also consider the orientation of the rug, for example a square or round carpet looks great in a square room and a rectangular rug oriented in the same direction for a rectangular room.

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