Tips To Design Your Home Library


Adding a library to your home gives a luxurious feel whether it is a small reading nook to simply unwind or a elaborate space especially to entertain guests and safeguard your collection of books. Do not just fill the shelves, arrange them, colour them, decorate them and personalize them. We at H2Designo share with you 5 steps to get your library space right.


step 1

Before stacking up your favourite series and that impeccable collective of books make sure you ad colour to your shelves or racks. Either back them with coloured paper or paint the backs a contrasting colour. This will immediately add the much needed pop to the space.


step 2

Remember, to relieve the monotony of rows, sort books by size and subject. Line up the books some vertically, some horizontally but in a rhythmic and systematic pattern. The tidier it looks the more inviting and appealing the space will know. The library should be a part of the rest of the interiors, so make sure it blends in.


step 3

The entire library need be filled with books. Fill the unused spaces with attractive boxes or decoration pieces. This will not only break the monotony of books but will also help to make the space look more attractive and will help store everything neatly.


step 4

You can add ceramics and other objects to the bring the shelves to life. Place your family photos or small work of art because you know you are going to visit this place quite often. Also do not forget to make the place accessible to regular changes.


step 5

Lastly invest in the surroundings of your book shelf or library. Add the comfortable seating, the perfect lighting, a study etc, depending upon the kind of library you wish to have. Do not shy away from flaunting this space of your house. Some of you would prefer a comfortable one seater and the others a chaise lounge. Play around alittle by adding a funky rug, cute book accessories or maybe a swing to go crazy in your kind of space.

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