Tips To Design Your Own Entryway

Treat your entryway as a space in itself and not a pass through space. Add anything that immediately makes you and your guests feel at home as soon as they walk in. Add that rug, chair, book shelf, plants and candles. All of these can add the much needed glamour to the little entryway.


avoid the clutter

You do not necessarily need to add too many small items to make the space look full. It will instead make the space look unpleasing and cluttered. Go for the big catch. Add a huge oversized table or mirror to create the correct impact. Add the balance and drama in the correct form to create an appealing entryway.


mirror wonder

If you hang a mirror opposite your front door all the natural light will get reflected everytime the door opens and at night the artificial light from the fixtures will get reflected. The main purpose of the mirror is to add a decorative element to the space and make it look as grand as possible.


lighting magic

One chandelier can do such wonders! It is something we are all quite aware about. Choose the correct chandelier and add the instant Wow-Factor to the entry. Let one get stunned as soon as they enter.


flower power

Keep it simple yet so beautiful, who could do that better than flowers. Placed anywhere, they just add the perfect colour and fragrance to the space. They are so appealing to the eye and bring the instant smile on everyones face. Is there any sight more pleasing than realizing that your guests or for that matter you, always enter your home with that wide smile, thanks to the beauty of the flowers.



Make the area alittle personal. Have those select few items placed on the table or create a small shelf area where you put art items depending on the season on the year. Somebody who pays a regular visit at your home will definitely notice the changing collection. This will also add interest for you since you get to decorate and re-decorate every now and then. You could also add your necessity items out there like the to-do list for the day in quite a creative manner.

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