Trend Alert- Shibori Style Home Decor

Shibori Style

This season SHIBORI is the new hot trend in design, creating versatile looks with both light and dark interior palettes.

Shibori is a Japanese fabric dying technique wherein the fabric is bound, stitched, folded, twisted or compressed and dipped in dye creating a tie-dye appearance. Thus some areas are penetrated and others remain undyed, creating interesting patterns and effects. The most common colour used in this technique is Indigo.

Knowing what this look actually means we take you through how you can create the perfect Shibori Look for your space.

Firstly this look can be added to any concept be it a light toned concept like costal, Scandinavian etc or a dark toned concept like industrial, vintage etc. So the good news is you do not need to alter your entire interior to rope in this look, it will perfectly merge with your very own concepts.

The Shibori Style Wall:

Shibori Walls

The wall is the perfect highlight to showoff this look. You can highlight that one particular wall in your room with Shibori prints, behind your sofa or bed or even in a corner making it’s a seating area.

The Furniture:

Shibori Furniture

If you do not want to play around with the wall, furniture is your next best option. Shibori printed sofas and chairs when placed against a white wall makes the space look elegant.


Shibori Pillows

shibori wall decor

This is my favorite way to get any look I want. Accessories add glamour to any space. Thus Shibori printed pillows, curtains, wall hangings, lamps etc will give you the perfect look without much effort, just the correct choice is required.

Shibori curtains

The Perfect Pick of Design:

shibori prints

Last but not the least, the most important thing to keep in mind is that your pick of fabric and print needs to be in sync with your décor. Choose both very carefully as this can either enhance your look or make it look shabby and dark. Some prints have more white and some have more indigo, so if your space is already a dark toned one you should prefer more of a white print to create contrast so that it does not land up making the space gloomy.

Shibori Decor

On the contrary if it is a white toned space experiment with dark indigo prints with little white again to give it a beautiful contrast and highlight the area.

So go ahead and create this current trending Shibori Look. If you want us to guide you on any particular topic or look, please feel free to write to us on [email protected] or leave a comment below.

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