Ultimate Home Decor Guide

Today we at H2Designo have combined a few useful tricks that will help you enhance your usual same looking homes. The Ultimate Home Decor Guide. These little changes here and there can make a huge difference in how your home appeals to you or somebody else. Sit back and just enjoy these few tips we share with you’ll. We have researched and chosen the best tips from experienced Interior designer for your homes so that you do not have much of hassle deciding which tips to pick upon. We have carefully picked out those tricks that will help your home look even more perfect.
“A simple sisal rug in natural or grey is the best way to make a room look clean and elegant” – James Huniford


“Install an outlet 28” high behind console tables. This allows you to add lamps without an unsightly tangle of cords” – Ashley Whittaker


“ A bench at the foot of the bed should be no less than 2” shorter than the mattress width” – Tobi Fairley


“The ideal height to hang your flat-screen TV is at eye level when you are in viewing position. The actual viewing distance is 11/2 times the size of your flat screen” – Jean Larette


“When doing curtains or shades, take them all the way up to the ceiling – it will increase the height of your room” – Vicente Wolf

“Dining room chandelier should hand 60” to 66” above the floor” – Betsy Burnha

“Make sure you allow 36” of space around your dining room table to give your chairs enough room to pull back. Nothing is worse than feeling cramped in a dining room” – Phoebe Howard


“To give rooms architectural detail when they don’t have any, paint a 11/2” to 2” lining stripe around the ceiling and up the wall in the corners. It’s a rich touch, a way to get a lot of look with just paint” – Marshall Watson


“You can’t use a roller to apply high gloss paint. You end up with ‘orange peel’ walls, a texture you don’t really want” – Todd Klein

“The optimal height for a coffee table is between 18” and 20”,but I’ve been doing more tea table heights – 24” to 26” – because it is just the right height to set my drink down” – Shazalynn Cavin-Winfrey


Stay tuned to read some more amazing tips by Interior Designers for a perfect practically designed home.

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