How To Upgrade Your Bedroom Without A Budget

Have you been thinking of renovating your bedroom since long but that idea has been failing again and again due to high expenditures? Well, you need not worry about the high renovation costs, let us help you give a new look to your bedroom only within a few bucks.

Has been it ages since you have changed the paint color of your bedroom? Seems a bit expensive? Indeed, it is! You need not get a paint job anymore if you can come up with a classic wallpaper besides your bed, it will give your bedroom a cool new look.

classic wallpaper for bedroom

Do something with your bed, you can work on its framing, you may install a new dramatic headboard or

dramatic headboards

even set up a framed canopy for you boring bed.

conopy beds

Pillows can play a powerful tool in giving your bedroom a new outlook, you don’t need that heap of excess pillows anymore, just get a pair of cozy comfortable pillows and a neck roll with bright colored covers.

cozy pillows

Place a rug on either side of your bed complimenting your floor tiles. Add textures and patterns to your door panels, drawers or wherever you wish to, it will provide you a rich look. Adding a vintage table lamp or a wall mounted lamp to you bedroom might bring a new surprise.

vintage lamps

Put up candles or other artifacts along the sill of or window, it will add an exotic touch to your bedroom.

candles & artifacts

Moreover, adding a mirror can make your room look bigger and place some framed photographs of your close ones or some self made paintings or other objects, it would enlighten the sense of belongingness.

frame walls

What are you waiting for? You’ve got a lot of work to do, get going and gift yourself a brand new bedroom without burning up a hole in your pockets.

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