Vidhi Desai-Moroccan Style Restaurant


Vidhi Desai, 23 is an upcoming Interior Designer. She too is a Rachna Sansad passout. Vidhi is sweet girl with some simple yet impactful goals in life. She is currently working and wishes to someday be a renowned designer. She shared with H2Designo her restaurant project based on the Moroccan Cuisine. She explained how much she loved doing her college assignments and every project brought in an urge to do better and better. Those lessons during the college days keep her going even today and she believes that there is no end to learning in the design field.


Vidhi said “Restaurant project was one of the best project I came across in my 2 years of learning interiors. Got one of the best mentor to guide as to how actually designing takes place. We were allowed to explore and design the way we wanted to. No barriers, nothing. This was one of the best project where we could use all our creativity be it on AutoCAD. The theme that was given to me for this particular project was Mediterranean which further included a lot of sub themes in it. It was however difficult to choose one particular concept and work on it but I finally ended up with Moroccan.”


Moroccan cuisine is influenced by Morocco’s interaction and exchange with other cultures and nations over the centuries. It is a mix of Mediterranean, Berber and Andalusian cuisine. To give the Restaurant a fine dine Moroccan theme look, I used Grunge as my concept wanting to keep it modern Moroccan.

Concept sheet

Replacement of expensive pieces of furniture and decorative elements with more accessible prototypes but not of lower quality and to create space for a simplified classical cannons using simple and expressive means.
Perfectly match the new furniture with the “older generation”
Being a Mediterranean style based fine dine restaurant the zoning and planning of the rectangular plan was massive, primarily symmetrical.
THE HIGHLIGHT of the restaurant was the Private Dining Room which was designed in a Moroccan look with the use of a different type of flooring, zali work and blue velvet drapes.
The outdoor seating was designed in the form of Moroccan tents where Hookah was also being served to give an overall authentic Moroccan feel.

material chart

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