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Most often we come across people who love to travel and of which a lot of them also have the passion to pen down their travel diaries. Today we will be sharing with you the travel diary of Mr. Umesh Vakharia a passionate traveller, who is actually a Teacher by Profession. It is extraordinary as to how he actually manages to plan his trips so amazingly with his entire family, not just always desiring to travel to the ultra famous places but also covering those minute aspects which are the actual beauty of any destination. His charming personality makes him want to capture almost as much as he can on camera but we bring to you a glance of his visit to Budapest through the beauties captured on his lenses. Here is what he has to say about Budapest.

Budapest gained its title due to its rich spa heritage dating back to prehistoric times. I had heard a lot about the astonishing Parliament building of Hungary in Budapest, moreover, it had been on my visit list since long and lately, finally I got the chance to visit the beautiful city of Budapest by myself.

Instead of staying at a hotel, we decided to rent an apartment for 9 days which provided us a much better experience at a mere cost of Rs. 32000 for six people.

Room in Budapest

It was a 2 bedroom apartment along with a store room and a decent kitchen. It was a pretty simple yet a cozy and comfortable place which provided us the feel of as being at home. Moreover, the apartment was located near the Racozi square tram and the Metro station.

However, the visit to the Hungarian Parliament building had been like a dream come true. It is one of the two tallest buildings in Budapest, second being Saint Stephen’s Basilica.

Hungarian Parliament

The Parliament building has been laid down beautifully in the Gothic Revival style with a symmetrical façade and a huge central dome built in Renaissance Revival style. The interiors of the Parliament has intricately decorated two identical hall, one of which is meant for politics, whereas, the other for guided public tours.

Hungarian Parliament

Witnessing the interiors of the Parliament building will lead you dumbstruck. While entering the Parliament, visitors can take up the highly ornate staircase, admiring the frescoes carved intricately onto the ceiling, all of a sudden the ceiling would disappear, and you would be admiring the Great Stairwell surrounded by elegant gold decorations and stained glasses all around you.

Hungarian Parliament

One of the most beautiful parts of the building is its 16 sided central hall with beautiful arcades and ceiling with highly elaborate details. The Holy Crown of Hungary has also been put to display in the Central Hall since 2000.

Hungary Parliament

During the construction of this magnificent building, 40 kgs of gold, half a million precious stones were used. Besides that, in the building, there are 10 courtyards, 29 staircases, 27 gates and 691 rooms.

Another place we visited was the “The New York Café” inside the Boscolo Boutique Hotel. It is one of the most important places in the Hungarian literary history, being once the official office of “Nyugat” magazine. The ceiling of the Café houses the frescos by Ferenc Eisenhut and Gusztav Mannheimer, dating back to the 19th century.

The New York Cafe Budapest

The diffused light from beautiful Venetian lamp the highlights the gold plated stuccoes of the tortile columns, creating a beautiful splash of colors. Stepping a foot inside the Ney York Café seems like stepping a foot inside the history of Hungary. Flooded with sophistication from inside, the bronze Lucifers outside the Café pays a homage to the artists that have been visiting this café forever.

If you are a history lover or a keen traveler, you might not wish to miss the beautiful city of Budapest.

Restuarant In Budapest

And yes, don’t forget to stop by those small open air restaurants serving delicious delicacies along the roadside and


a visit to the local market, where you can even refill your bottles with wine, pouring from those remodeled antique barrels.


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