Who in this world doesn’t quite desire a Walk-in-Wardrobe!? Very few indeed! A dream that works equally well for both the genders. Being a woman myself, it’s one of my favorite rooms in the entire house. A room just completely dedicated to my shoe collection, luxurious long dresses, branded hand bags, a full length mirror & a dressing unit. A walk-in-wardrobe is a popular attraction for the teens since it is a dedicated space for them to stash all their favourite outfits and accessories.


Nowadays people of all age groups love this format and so do we. But facing reality not all of us have that large a space in our homes that would allow us to dedicate an entire small sized room for our walk-in-wardrobes. Today we at H2Designo are going to give you some amazing tips to incorporate a walk-in-wardrobe in your bedrooms.

Use that Space

use that space

It is extremely important for you to plan your bedroom keeping in mind that you want that walk-in-wardrobe. Use every inch of space to its maximum so that you could proudly have your luxurious wardrobe. Try incorporating niches and use those corners to the fullest.

Prioritize your needs


Allocate proper amount of space in your walk in wardrobe for your hangings and drawers. You need to decide how much height and length you need for hanging your clothes. Also you need to know the number of drawers you require for either accessories or nick knack clothes. This completely depends on what is most important for you. Love clothes have more space for them, love shoes have the maximum racks for them. Inshort you are indeed your own designer when it comes to deciding how much space you wish to allot to your different luxuries.

Stacking your Shoes

stacking your shoes

You will definitely need separate shelves in your walk-in-wardrobe for your collection of shoes. Shoes are a never ending story for women, so make sure you have good space dedicated to it. Create open shelves according to the pairs you own. Try and have pull out shoe ladders, which can show you multiple pairs in a narrow space maintaining a separate unit for your shoes. It is advisable to have open shelves to avoid the bad smell from your shoes.

Perfect Hooks For The Handbags


We always have a habit of storing our handbags and purses at the bottom of our wardrobes (last shelf). In walk-in-wardrobe, you can have hooks to hang your bags on them, so that you get the liberty to see all your bags at one glance especially when you want to pick one matching to your dress. Also adding some shelves would be great for arranging few more handbags and purses.



A slim unit is enough for your jewellery in your walk-in-wardrobe. Have a glass sliding shutter so that you get a good display of it. If you do not have enough space to have a unit, you can also use some decorative hooks and wires on any empty wall to display your jewellery. If you are not cool with that idea, try and allocate few drawers with separate compartments to stack things separately.

Mirror Mirror On the Wall


Every Woman’s first love is a mirror. We just feel so good when we look at that mirror and cannot stop adoring how we look. Find a perfect place/wall to place your floor length mirror. It just completes your walk-in-wardrobe. In case you do not have that much space, try and atleast fit a decent size mirror above your dressing unit. Dressing unit? How can you forget that? You definitely need to add a dresser for stacking your countless makeup kits. What is the point of looking that beautiful without getting a chance to check yourself out!?


A walk-in-wardrobe is nothing but a luxurious version of your wardrobes and dressers all combined together into one space. Make sure you have the perfect lighting and cooling in the space so that you can get ready out there for hours without wanting to leave that space. Comfort and luxury at its best completely defines a walk-in-wardrobe.


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