Wall Decor Ideas: Reforming Interiors

Nothing can be more boring than a blank wall besides your expensive jaw-dropping furniture. Yet, it might be the last thing in your checklist even if considered at all. Wall decor is one of the easiest and most effective way that can completely reform the outlook of your interiors. It can add a sense of personalization and enlighten each and every element of the space. You may even try out these few ideas and they might leave you surprised:

1. Pick the wall color in the end: Finalize the colors only after once you have moved in your furniture, artworks, rugs and everything else. Choose the colors complementing all of these elements. Even a small change in hue of the color might just ruin the whole outcome if done beforehand.

bedroom wall decor

2. Bring in a sense of Texture: Enough with the plain smooth walls, try out some 3D screens, rough or digital textures. Along with awakening the sense of touch, it would induce a sense of depth in your room.

3. Nature Calling: Fill up a section of wall with potted plants or even create a cascade using plants and wooden elements. Even a small touch of nature can brighten up any boring space.

4. Wall Hangings: Instead of installing a humungous painting or a photograph, try to create something interesting using smaller elements. Use your child’s artwork, photographs, wall papers, needle-works and what not. Go abstract! Go creative!

5. DooDle!: If you love doing it yourself, what else can be better than a self doodled wall. Doodling might be the best option for kid’s room too.

wall art ideas

6. Shout out Loud!: Want to express your feelings out? Better do it on your wall! Use reusable fabric or textured letters. Make your wall interesting.

wall decor

Create a wall that makes you happy every time you enter the space. Wall decor can just do wonders if used properly. Try out these above mentioned ideas. You are going to love it!

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