Ways To Dress Up Your Black Wall

black wall

Black walls gives the entire interior a classy and luxurious look. The colour has a sense of elegance in itself. What could be more perfect and eye catching than decorating such a wall in the right manner.  One of the best ways to do this is adding pops of bright colour in the form of textures, accessories, frames, lamps etc.  If you don’t want to use colour a playful black pattern keeps the eye moving and keeps the space from feeling too confined.


Black wall when used like a blackboard with white images as though they were drawn by Chalk create a timeless look. It requires just a tinch of colour or design to dress up a black wall not necessarily cluttering the space.


The blackboard and chalk look, with quotes and menu display has become exceedingly popular with cafes and casual dineouts creating an informal an friendly feel.


Fond of something bright and playful? What more perfect than a black wall to enhance the brightness. A black wall will always act like a subtle border to the bright frames and accessories making the colours stand out.

Black and white is an Achromatic theme, it is the best kind of contemporary that you will find. Adding gold to this achromatic style is simply adding some glamour to the contemporary theme. Read more on black, white and gold decor.


We love how the black wall compliments the entire feel of the space. The green and beige sofas with the colour given to them through the pillows and the white chandelier on top fit perfectly with the black wall. The black wall is just adding the much needed subtle and classiness to the room.


Ever thought of adding black to your kitchen!? It could quite do some wonders. So give a miss to the usual backsplash and instead go for the black painted wall. You can also use black coloured tiles or bricks in itself. They will definitely add a wow-factor. Go for the loud mosaic tiles and see how they compliment the black wall. An experiment worth giving a try.

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