World Heritage Day

On the World Heritage day, 18th April, we pay ode to some of the heritage beauties in India. So often we are looking out for magnificent beauties around the World quite forgetting the beauty that lies within our country. Today we give you a quick recall of 10 places in India that quite define the word Heritage.


brihadeeshwarar temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is located in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. The temple turned 1000 years in 2010 and is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the largest temples in India and is  the biggest example of Dravidian architecture during the Chola period. The temple tower is 100ft high, making it the tallest in the World. The entire temple structure is made out of granite. The Kumbam  (the bulbous structure on the top) of the temple is carved out of a single rock and weighs around 80 tons. There is a huge statue of the sacred bull carved out of a single rock, measuring 16 ft long and 13ft high. It would not be suprising to say that it is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Tamil Nadu.



The Great Sanchi Stupa is the oldest stone structure in India and was commissioned by Emperor Ashoka. It is located in Sanchi Town in Raisen District of the state of Madhya Pradesh. This Stupa forms a great example of Buddhist Architecture, built over the relics of Buddha. The dome of the Great Stupa has a diameter of 120ft and 54ft in height.


rani ki vav

Rani Ki Vav is an intricately constructed stepwell, located in Patan, Gujarat, constructed during the Solanki Dynasty. It has been constructted in the complex Maru-Gurjara architectural style and was added to UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. It has an inverted temple and seven levels of stairs which also holds more than 500 principle sculptures.



The Khajuraho Group of Monuments is a group of Hindu and Jain temples located in Madhya Pradesh. These temples are famous for their Nagara Style of Architectural Symbolism and Erotic Sculptures. These temples are decorated with sculptures having intricate details, symbolism and expressiveness of ancient Indian art.


konark sun temple

This temple is located in Konark, Odhisha. It is featured on the list of Seven Wonders Of India. The temple complex is in the shape of a gigantic chariot, having elaborately carved stone wheels, pillars and walls. A major part of the structure is now in ruins. The name ‘Konark is drived from the  Sanskrit words, Kona (corner or angle) and Ark (the sun), in reference to the temple which was dedicated to the Sun God Surya.


Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus

Photograph by Chetan Karkhanis

This is one of the busiest stations in Mumbai. It was constructed with inspiration from Victorian Italianate Gothic Revival architecture and traditional Mughal buildings, the station was built in 1887. It serves purpose of both long distance and short distance trains in Mumbai.


elephanta caves

These caves are made of Solid Basalt Rock and are located in Raigad Taluk of Maharashtra. The caves are located on an island located on an arm of the Arabian Sea. It consists of two groups of caves the first is a large group of five Hindu caves and the second a smaller group of two Buddhist caves. The Hindu caves contain rock cut stone sculptures, dedicated to the Lord Shiva.


humayun's tomb

The Hamuyan’s Tomb is a clear reflection of the Mughal Architecture and was constructed in 1572.  Besides the main tomb enclosure of Humayun there are several smaller monuments that dot the pathway leading up to it, from the main entrance.


Taj Mahal

Again a striking masterpiece of the Mughal Architecture.  It is an ivory-white marble mausoleum located on the south bank of the Yamuna river in the city of Agra. The tomb is the centre piece of a 42-acre complex and includes a mosque and a guest house, and is set in formal gardens bounded on three sides by a crenellated wall.


qutb minar

The Qutb Minar  is 72.5 meters tall, thus making it the tallest brick minaret in the world, and the second tallest minar in India after Fateh Burj at Mohali. It is located in Delhi and made of red sandstone and marble.

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