Your Tea Time Getaway

the taj mahal tea house

The perfect tea-time getaway – THE TAJ MAHAL TEA HOUSE! The bright white and blue Bungalow in the middle of the dusty Bandra street will definitely grab your attention and there is where the Taj Mahal Tea House lies. The massive 3500 sq.ft area, gives a total classical and homely touch and your only concern once you enter is that you might end up spending more time than you decided. This beautiful café is designed by the Busride Studios and has multiple hideouts where you can curl-up and read your favourite book.


The classical instrumental music takes you back in time and gives you that calm and soothing vibe. Along with the music the presence of a few classical instruments along with framed photographs of legendary classical musicians makes you feel like your standing in a music lover’s home. Yes, you might forget for awhile that your in the metropolitan Mumbai once you have stayed in here for awhile.


A large dining table, a rocking chair, a half-played game of chess, those bookshelves and Bharat Tiles installations make you feel like the furniture is come straight out of the Raj and is so different from the usual commercial tea-chains.


We happened to visit this place on Christmas Eve and the first thing we could not get our eyes off was the Christmas Tree placed outside. It was so innovative, simple and eye-catchy, different from the mainstream green Christmas trees all around. The inside has massive use of earthy tones quite resembling an old house.

chess area

The blue paint on the wall quite broke the monotony of the usual beige tone and fitted so aptly. The wood paneled ceiling and those shelves at a height with so much on display is something you want to gaze at for awhile.

taj mahal tea house

So every time you wish to take a quick tea break or are looking in for some serious relaxation, you know where to go!


And every time you leave this place you shall say to yourself Wah Taj!!

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